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There are no emotions explicitly described in the poem. More essays like this: Ang mga kabataan ngayon essay. There are the popular and clever athlete, and the loser. There is no repetition in poem, which shows a difference from the ballads which all used repetition to slow down or fasten the pace of the poem.

How the Highwayman is described at the start brings in the topic of a doomed love affair. John Keats starts of the ballad with the topic of death and the knight being very close to death.

The writer choice of words enhances the drama and heightens the emotion helping the reader to visualize the moment. The poem can be applied to your own life. The first half of the poem describes the flamboyant, anonymous highwayman and Bess, and the passionate love between them. This is made clear to us by the heroism of Sir John Moore and the things that the soldiers do to him and the things that the poet says he deserves.

It is very different unlike the usual ballad form where a typical one has 4 lines per stanza. It makes him even bolder because at the time, he was being hunted down by many people so he was brave to making such a noise despite the noise alarming people looking for him.

This is a good moral because, even today people do fall into love blindly and end up regretting in all your life. The reader feels that the Highwayman has come to save Bess, therefore creating a sense of anticipation.

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The ballad is written in 3rd person. However, this is a disguise for the real purpose of the poem which is to tell his loved one that her beauty shall fade. The ballads start of close to a climatic episode which in this case is the love between the Highwayman and Bess.

This tells the reader that he did not come in the morning or the afternoon. He is at the point of death.

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Dumb Insolence, by Adrien Mitchell, is about a ten year old child, who has a persecution complex about authority figures.poetry Essay In the poetry of there is both crude propaganda and poems that are subtle and deeply moving if naïve.

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Free Essay: Pre Century Poetry Coursework In this piece of coursework I will be comparing love songs from six different poems by different authors. I.

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A study of some modern poems which share the above theme. Task: To explain, compare and contrast a variety of poems, commenting on the poets’ points of view and methods.

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